FAQ - Creators

What is this?

Glossy is a way for you to sell your digital media for cryptocurrency. Rather than a central server like Facebook or Google, the ownership of your digital media is affirmed by computers all over the world. This is what makes it special.

More detail, please?

When you add your media to Glossy, it is listed for sale through the website. When someone purchases your work, they are assigned a token which represents your work: image, unique identifier, and details of the work. If the Glossy web site shuts down, that person will continue to own the work because it is perpetuated on the Ethereum network.

So I can earn crypto?

Yes. Instead of risking spending money to buy crypto, you can sell your works for crypto. As soon as someone buys your work, you can send that cryptocurrency to a popular exchange like Coinbase and get US Dollars or other supported currencies like Bitcoin.

Why do I need an Ethereum wallet?

You need a wallet address in order to accept funds for your works. The easiest way to get a wallet is by installing Metamask for Chrome/Firefox/Brave or by creating one on My Ether Wallet.

What are Ethereum and IPFS?

You can learn more about Ethereum and IPFS on Wikipedia.

What data is stored on Ethereum/IPFS?

Your name, title (if applicable), description of the digital work, the graphic representation of the work are all stored together on IPFS. A cryptographic hash of that information is stored on Ethereum in case the IPFS data is ever lost. While it seems IPFS and Ethereum will keep the data "forever" it is possible this won't be the case for a number of reasons.

What percentage does Glossy get?

Currently Glossy keeps 2% of the sale.

I still don't understand how this is different. Can't people just copy the digital work?

People can copy it, but they can't own it. If you imagine the Mona Lisa and the millions of copies of the Mona Lisa all over the world, it may help. In fact, there are Ethereum apps that are selling the Mona Lisa on Ethereum! But that's just the problem. Anyone can create an app to sell the Mona Lisa on Ethereum or another blockchain. The work is in the public domain. (Fun fact: L.H.O.O.Q. is not public domain in France. Modify a masterpiece and you own the copyright.) Glossy allows creators to use trusted social media channels to announce their work is available in one place under their authority.

FAQ - Collectors

What do I need in order to collect

You need as little as an Ethereum wallet. MetaMask on Brave, Chrome, or Firefox browsers is recommended. MetaMask is required to buy collectibles. But you can use MyEtherWallet or a mobile app to get an address for freebies.

Are these cards ERC721 compatible?

Yes. In fact, they are backward compatible with the CryptoKitties implementation. ERC721 is a standard on the Ethereum blockchain for collectibles. While Glossy abides by the standard the code was written to enable a creation platform.

Why doesn't my card appear in Toshi, Cipher, etc?

Glossy works in the Toshi and Cipher app browsers. It should work natively in Toshi shortly.

What should I expect when making a purchase?

It takes some time for the computers around the world to verify the purchase. This should improve over time as the technology improves. The goal of Glossy is to enable creators to sell their works to supporters. You can also buy and sell Glossy cards on various decentralized exchanges. Please refer to the Terms of Use for risks.

How can I use the works I buy?

The creator retains the copyright, so your card is limited to private use.

FAQ - General

Who designed the icons?

One of the icons requires attribution. Here are two attributions.
Icons made by Smashicons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Has Glossy taken funding?

Nope! Glossy is bootstrapped.

I Have Questions

Please email us or join our Discord chat 🙏🏾.